Clinical Technoshots

Clinical Technoshot: Multiplexed Analysis of Soluble Factors in Cancer

Luigi Nezi

Luigi Nezi

Clinical Technoshot Coordinator

Telephone +39 02 94375171
Location Building 13
Floor 2nd
Via Adamello 16, Milano

As we are walking along the post-genome sequencing, there is an urgency for high- and medium- throughput approaches to address functions and create network analysis as mean to discover new and personalized therapeutic targets. The Luminex® xMAP™ system is a multiplexed microsphere-based suspension array platform capable of analyzing and reporting up to 100 different reactions in a single well. The rapid, sensitive, cost-effective, high-throughput and simultaneous detection of soluble factors give the opportunity to interrogate the complexity of the tumor microenvironment in a bench-size assay.

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