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Bioinformatics Unit

Arnaud Gerard Michel Ceol

Arnaud Gerard Michel Ceol

Unit Coordinator

Location Building 13
Floor Ground
Via Adamello 16, Milano

The bioinformatics unit works at the interface between the research groups, the technological units and the ICT services. It supports the ICT in the management of the bioinformatics platform, manages the bioinformatics tools, and promotes research and development of bioinformatics resources.



We promotes reproducible and traceable data generation and analyses, proposing solutions that gives the groups the possibility to independently manage and share the installation of the bioinformatics software. We also develop and manage integrated systems for the management and analyses of biological and clinical data, in collaboration with the Center of Genomic Science (CGS@SEMM).

Our unit participates in national (ACC) and international (EU-life) networks, and is involved in specific research and technological projects.


Researchers of our institute have access to an on premise HPC cluster. In addition, public and commercial cloud resources are available. In particular, we are relying on the resources provided by the GARR Cloud platform​ with the support of the Italian Ministry of Health.


Our institute is part of the European School of Molecular Medicine. We provides support to all PhD and undergraduate student for the usage of bioinformatics resources and organize formation on the usage of bioinformatics tools and the adoption of best practices for computational research on HPC and cloud resources. Our courses are currently supported by DataCamp.



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