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Mass Spectrometry Unit (MSU)

Alessandro Cuomo

Alessandro Cuomo

Unit Coordinator

Telephone +390294375167
Location Building 13
Floor 3rd
Via Adamello 16, Milano

Over the past decade mass-spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics has proven to be the technology of choice for large-scale protein analysis, to investigate biological processes and disease states. The Mass Spectrometry Unit (MSU) will maintain state-of-the-art MS technological platform to support both the Investigators at the Department of Experimental Oncology (DEO), and the Clinical Research at IEO. Through collaborative projects with internal groups, the Unit provides standard MS-proteomic analyses which includes protein identification, differential quantities proteomic studies (SILAC and label free) and protein-protein interaction analysis.

In addition, the Unit is devoted to implement innovative MS-based strategies to enable the in depth proteomic profiling of both clinical patient samples, including both solid tissues (frozen and FFEP) and liquid biopsies. This new set of Clinical Proteomics methods will be developed and optimized in close collaboration with the Bonaldi Group at the DEO. 


Fabio Bedin

Technology and innovation
Mass Spectrometry Unit User Group